A blog about learning go and learning computer go. A go beginner tries to improve his game and use their software engineering skills to build a computer go player. Entries about their go reading, computer go reading, go playing, go improvement, go concepts (seki, ko, miai, etc) and progress building the computer go player.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Playing igowin / Many Faces of Go

So I downloaded and played igowin when I first started looking at computer go (about when I started this blog). For a time I played the little 9x9 regularly, maybe a couple of times most days for maybe 6 months. then I odn't play it for maybe eight months, try it again (the same installed version), and I'm two stones stronger against it, without playing go in the intervening period. I suspect that I'd slipped into dreadful point-and-click-without-thinking habits when I was playing it regularly.

Silver Star 2006 from North Korea the best computer-go program?

The Korea Times has some very strong claims for the Silver Star 2006. I wonder whether it comes with a an English localisation? Somehow I suspect not...