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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Japanese Rules of Go

I've been giving some thought recently to what a finite state machine for the Japanese rules of go would look like. The more I think about it, the more complex encoding the full rules will be.

Which isn't to say that trying to build an FSM is necessarily a bad thing...


GoBase is a website run by Dutch go player Jan van der Steen. In comprises three main parts, a large and actively maintained database of games (including even the minor rounds of current contests), a set of life and death problems and news stories taken from a diverse range of places, including the computer-go mailing lists, recent contest results and articles.

Personally I find that the articles are the best part of the site, and recent ones such as Pieter Mioch's world amateur go championships give an insight into the go world that game results and life and death problems (both available elsewhere) don't.

Burlington Free Press Go Article

A current article in the Burlington Free Press describes aspects of the game, including some of the historical roots and some of the local aspects.