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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

IGS welcome message

I recently got an account on the IGS go server. It seems very good, there always seem to be some high dan games to watch, and no shortage of players lower down the ranks to test my metal on.

When signing up they sent me a rather intimidating email which I've included below. On closer inspection, it turns out that the rules down seem to be particularly onerous, but it certainly looked intimidating. Interestingly, the message doesn't appear to be on the website, so I'm posting them here. Some parts are anonymized:

Date: 8 Jun 2005 15:39:48 +0900
Subject: IGS registration, _______
To: ________@__________

This is an automated message to confirm that your IGS Pandanet registration
was successful. Please read this letter carefully.

Welcome to IGS Pandanet. If you have received this letter, you will know
that you have successfully registered. Your password is contained within
this letter. You may change your password at any time. If you do not use your
account within 20 hours if its being registered, it will be automatically
deleted. If your account is still treated as a guest account after entering
IGS PandaNet, it probably means you incorrectly entered your login name,
or your account expired, and you will have to _register again_ (please DO NOT
send email, or a COPY of this registration letter back to IGS Pandanet saying
your account does not work, or is being treated as a guest account --- simply
register again).

Sometimes you may experience problems connecting to IGS Pandanet. If this is
the case, try the alternate port number, which is 7777, instead of 6969. You
may also try using the IP address, 6969. We recommend using
the IP numbers 6969 instead of the 'symbolic' (name address)
igs.joyjoy.net 6969

Example: telnet igs.joyjoy.net 7777
telnet 6969 (This is the IP address)
telnet 7777 (This is the IP address)

** Again, we recommend using the IP numbers 6969 instead of
the the 'symbolic' (name address) igs.joyjoy.net 6969

**READ this registration letter _carefully_. All users are expected to
know the usage rules, terms, and conditions. All users are also encouraged
to read the 'motd' (Message Of The Day), upon entering IGS Pandanet. The motd
often contains important announcements and information concerning coming events.
To read the motd at any time, just enter: help motd

If you are new to IGS Pandanet, enter help for a list of the basic starting

You can 'ftp' client software with a graphic interface for use with
IGS Pandanet,
and other general Go software from the Go ftp archive site:


If you use a WEB browser, use:


If you are using a PC, we recommend the 'Panda Egg', which is a client with
a graphic interface for IGS Pandanet. The 'Panda Egg' comes in four language
versions: English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.


If you are using UNIX or Linux, we recommend 'xgospel'.


If you are using a Macintosh, try 'goservant' or 'macgo'.


If you need help with ftp, enter help ftp the next time you are on
IGS Pandanet.

For support and help with client software, please contact the client writer
for the client you decide to use, and not the IGS Pandanet administrators.
The IGS Pandanet administrators do not provide client software assistance.

The clients are not written by IGS Pandanet. Clients for use with IGS Pandanet
are written by Go enthusiasts for the convenience of other Go players.
Some client writers request a small fee for their work. Fees are paid to client
writers and do not go to IGS Pandanet.

IGS Pandanet administrators do not correct games or alter game results.
It is the responsibility of each person to carefully read the help files before
playing and scoring a game. Also, IGS Pandanet administrators do not become
involved in or settle disputes between players. Therefore, please do not ask
them to change game results or settle disputes.

** NOTE: Not all players on IGS Pandanet speak or understand English.
Therefore, many non-English players do not ask for a game, but will instead
simply send you a game request without asking if you are interested in playing a
game. Please be aware of this fact and do not become upset if you receive
random game requests. Some Asian software programs will send automatic
responses in English to specific questions, statements, and situations, but
this does not necessarily mean that the person using that client speaks

For your information, IGS Pandanet ranks are stronger by about 2 - 3 ranks over
most other rating systems. Please take this into account when considering
setting your rank on IGS Pandanet.

Further information:

1) To set your rank on IGS Pandanet, enter:
help rank
2) To change your email address on IGS Pandanet, enter:
help addresschange

Note: Your email address may be deleted if it is found to be outdated, and
your account will be treated as a guest account until you update the
address. To update your address, see: help addresshchange

1) Unused accounts are automatically deleted after a certain number of
days. For that number, enter: uptime

2) To change your password on IGS Pandanet, enter: help password

3) You can mail yourself any help file from IGS Pandanet with:

mail me filename

Note: 'filename' is the name of the help message or announcement

We hope you enjoy using IGS Pandanet.


[rev. April 1, 2002]


IGS Panda Net ("IGS") is owned and operated by PandaNet, Inc.
Panda Net is located at: Shin-Kokusai Bldg. 3-4-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 100-0005, Japan.

The users of IGS represent a variety of countries, languages,
cultures, and personalities. It is easy for misunderstandings to occur.
All users are asked to be patient with others, and to be polite at all
times, especially when using the group communication features of IGS.
Please remember that some IGS users are children. Users should not make
any communication or message on IGS which is threatening, abusive,
disruptive, vulgar, obscene, or unlawful, or which encourages conduct that
would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or
otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law. Use of
IGS for promotion or advertising of commercial products or services, or
promotion or advertising of any other Go-server (or any other internet
site, facility, or WWW page), without the express, written consent of the
IGS adminstrators, is prohibited. Statements made by the users of IGS do
not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Panda Net, and Panda Net
disclaims any responsibility for all such statements.

In general, internet users are welcome to share the use of IGS,
unless the user's authority to access IGS has been suspended or revoked.
Panda Net reserves the right, for any reason whatsoever and at the absolute
discretion of the IGS administrators, to restrict certain capabilities
(such as "shout" and "kibitz") for any IGS account, and to temporarily or
indefinitely suspend or revoke the authorization of any person or persons
to access IGS. Unauthorized access to IGS may subject the offender to such
criminal and civil liabilities as may be provided by applicable law.

From time to time, Panda Net or IGS may sponsor or co-sponsor certain
activities on IGS designated as "special events" (such as tournaments,
professional competitions, or lessons). The use of IGS for these special
events is intended for the personal benefit of IGS users only.
Reproduction or retransmission of any "special event" on any other internet
or bbs server, without the prior written consent of the IGS administrators,
is prohibited. Panda Net reserves all legal rights and remedies in respect
to any such unauthorized reproduction or retransmission. We hope that all
IGS users will enjoy these special events!



Use by any person of IGS constitutes acceptance by said person of the
terms and conditions of this policy statement. This statement is stored in
a "help" file at IGS. IGS users may review the current version of this
statement by using the "help usage" or "mail me usage" commands.


** You can change your password to one easier to remember with the
'password' command. On IGS Pandanet, type help password
Do not lose or forget your password. It is your responsibility to know
your password and to make backups. Administrators do not provide
passwords upon request.

SAVE this registration letter. It contains information you
may need later.

The password for the account _______ is ________

Head office (JAPAN), Noguchi Manabu
PANDANET Europe, Jan van der Steen


Anonymous said...

uuuhh...its not very intimidating, but how do you sign up in the first place??

godgeorge said...

thnx good article

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