A blog about learning go and learning computer go. A go beginner tries to improve his game and use their software engineering skills to build a computer go player. Entries about their go reading, computer go reading, go playing, go improvement, go concepts (seki, ko, miai, etc) and progress building the computer go player.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


GoBase is a website run by Dutch go player Jan van der Steen. In comprises three main parts, a large and actively maintained database of games (including even the minor rounds of current contests), a set of life and death problems and news stories taken from a diverse range of places, including the computer-go mailing lists, recent contest results and articles.

Personally I find that the articles are the best part of the site, and recent ones such as Pieter Mioch's world amateur go championships give an insight into the go world that game results and life and death problems (both available elsewhere) don't.

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