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Monday, May 23, 2005

An implementation plan

If I'm going to write a computer go player, I need a plan. Plans drawn at this stage are inevitably only approximations, but here's my current plan:

  • Infrastructure – the framework to hang the rest on
    • SGF parser
    • SGF writer (simpler that the parser since it only needs to handle the properties I'm actually using)
    • a graphic goban (so i can play the program)
    • GTP client (so I can play my program against other people and other programs)
    • GTP engine (so i can organise play-offs)
    • test suite (so ease debugging)
  • Opening: a classical opening book, assembled from pro and senior-amateur games. Also code to handle symmetry.
  • Mid-game: a genetic algorithm prioritising a list of relatively complex template patterns.
  • End-game: a theorem prover, perhaps along the lines of gotools, but with incremental additions of knowledge to the database as positions are proven safe/unsafe.
One advantage of have separate beginning, middle and end games is that I can develop, test and debug them separately.

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Anonymous said...

Can I suggest you grab a copy of GoGui. It handles a whole bunch of stuff you are looking at implementing.